Zoom - Sign-in with SSO


Why is it important to sign in to Zoom?

Anyone can join a Zoom meeting, even if they do not have an account.  This is a significant benefit to using Zoom.  If you are scheduling meetings, you will need to sign in.  Additionally, if you are the scheduler of the meeting, you would also be the host of the meeting, unless you scheduled it with an alternative host.  The role of host cannot be recognized if you are not signed in to Zoom and you would instead be joined as a guest in the meeting.  If you are a guest in the Zoom meeting, several services and features will not be available to you.  You will not be able to launch polls, use breakout rooms, mute participants, remove disruptive participants, and you may have trouble starting recordings.  These are just a few examples of features that you would not be able to use if you are not signed in.  Click here for more information on Zoom roles in a meeting.  If you have joined the meeting and want to verify that Zoom is recognizing you as the host, click Participants and locate your name in the list.  It should say Host next to your name.   

  1. Open the Zoom Client
    • To open the Zoom Client on a PC: Click the Start Menu, located in the lower left-hand corner, and type Zoom.  Click Zoom App.
    • To open the Zoom Client on a Mac: Click the Spotlight icon, located in the upper right-hand corner, type Zoom.  Click Zoom.us.
    • Note: If you need to download and install the Zoom Client for Meetings on a Windows PC or Mac, go to https://zoom.us/download.  If you need to install the Zoom app on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, go to the corresponding App Store or Play Store to install the Zoom app.
  1. Click Sign In.

  1. Click Sign in with SSO.

  1. Type nic in the Company Domain field and click Continue.

  1. Login with your NIC credentials.

  1. You will be signed in to Zoom.



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