Zoom Classroom List

Zoom ready rooms are a standard classroom set-up with additional equipment to provide supplementary features for ease of use when teaching a class with Zoom.  Additional equipment installed:

  • Dual monitors on the podium.
  • One PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera mounted at the back of the room.
  • Mic array and speaker for better room audio.
  • One TV in the back of the room, to see students who may be connected to class via Zoom.

Please see the list below of Zoom Ready Classrooms:

North Idaho College Main Campus

Lee-Kildow Hall (LKH)

LKH        138
LKH        205
LKH        209
LKH        213
LKH        233
LKH        243

Christianson Gymnasium (GYM)

GYM        121

Meyer Health and Sciences Building (MHS)

MHS        117
MHS        122
MHS        123
MHS        125

Siebert Building (SBT)

SBT        201
SBT        209

Winton Hall (WIN)

WIN        118
WIN        125

Bob and Leona DeArmond Building (DARM)

DARM        107

Seiter Hall (STR)

STR        108
STR        202
STR        206
STR        208
STR        210
STR        212
STR        219
STR        306
STR        315

Hedlund Building (HED)

HED        109
HED        149
HED        203
HED        231

Boswell Hall (BOS)

BOS        138
BOS        142
BOS        220

Molstead Library (MOL)

MOL        126A
MOL        258
MOL        264

Student Wellness and Recreation Center (SWRC)

SWRC        208


Parker Technical Education Center (CTE)

CTE        220

NIC at Sandpoint (SEC)

SEC        313

Workforce Training Center (WFTC)

WFTC        108

Bonners Ferry High School (BFHS)

BFHS        27


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