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Access LearningSpace to view simulation recordings

Using Google Chrome, log in to LearningSpace at using your MyNIC username and password. LearningSpace is available on or off campus.

Click or tap Video Review

After logging in to LearningSpace, you should see a tile titled Video Review. Click or tap this tile to open the list of your recordings.

Video Review button

Click or tap the recording to open it

A list of recordings to which you have access will show. To play a recording, click or tap anywhere in that recording's row other than the checkbox on the left.

Recordings list

The recording playback window

The recording will automatically start playing if your web browser has the required plug-ins (Google Chrome is recommended). A play/pause button is located in the top left. A navigation bar will scroll across the top as the video plays and can be used to jump to different times in the video. This bar also contains flags for any annotations that have been added to the recording. Clicking on the annotation flag will jump to that point in the video.

Play bar with annotations

Annotations and additional details can be added and viewed from the annotations pane on the left side. The chevron in the top right of the pane allows the pane to be collapsed into a tab on the left.

Annotations pane

The recordings of all available cameras and patient vitals (when applicable) are displayed in the main pane. The name of each camera is listed at the top of that camera's pane. In the top right of each camera pane is a cog icon that can be clicked or tapped to show pane controls. The controls allow the adjustment of which pane is playing audio, how large or small each pane is, if a pane is full-screen, and to temporarily remove a pane from view.

Camera pane controls

The recording pane, above the annotations pane on the left, shows details about the recording and can be useful for Sim Center staff during troubleshooting of an individual recording.

Common problems viewing recordings in LearningSpace

Some browsers require additional plug-ins or require plug-ins to be enabled. Google Chrome is the preferred browser for using LearningSpace. For assistance with browsers other than Google Chrome, please contact the IT Help Desk by phone at (208) 769-3280 or by email at For assistance logging in to, navigating in, or general use of LearningSpace, please contact the Sim Center staff by phone at (208) 769-7876 or email at

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