Nursing Lab Practice Time Reservation

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How to view and reserve practice time in the nursing lab

1) Click or tap the link in Canvas to view the schedule for either room 119 or room 112/120 of the nursing lab, or the Sim Center room 139. Sim Center practice times are for NURS-260 skill check off practice only. Each room has its own link and schedule. The links are also listed below.



Sim Center 139 (NURS-260 Skills Check Off Practice Times Only):

2) Click or tap the day of which you want to view availability. Light gray dates have no available time slots to reserve. Time slots can be reserved up to 14 days in advance for 119 and 112/120, specific time stots are available for the Sim Center. Next, click or tap the time you want to reserve.

Date and time picker in Bookings

3) Scroll down and enter your name and NIC email address. Other information fields are optional.

Name and email fields

4) Click or tap Book near the bottom of the page.

Book (submit) button

5) Once your reservation is finalized click OK and you will see a confirmation like the one below. You will also receive a confirmation email and calendar invitation. The confirmation email includes a link that can be used to cancel your reservation if needed. If a block of time slots needs to be cancelled, you will receive a cancellation notice to the email you entered when you reserved the time slot.

Date and time confirmation with Reschedule, Cancel, and New buttons


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