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The faculty web calendar allows you to publish your office hours to the directory calendar.  Courses scheduled in NIC rooms will automatically appear on the primary instructor’s directory calendar.

Publish Hours

  1. Sign into the https://my.nic.edu/ portal and search for Faculty Web Calendar
  1. Click Sign In: Microsoft
  2. Type your username@nic.edu and enter your NIC password
  3. Under Submitter Information, fill out:
    • (Optional) Phone Number
  4. Under Event Information, fill out:
    • Event Title
    • (Optional) Location
    • Start Date
    • Check All Day or enter your Start time and Duration
    • Choose if your event will repeat and fill out the corresponding information
    • (Optional) Enter a Web Link
    • (Optional) Enter a Description
  5. Click Next
  6. Review your information.  Click Back to make any edits or click Submit if the information is correct
  7. You can click My Submissions to track your submitted events or click Submit Another Event
  8. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email.  The confirmation email allows you to withdraw the event or go to your submissions to track or cancel your events. 

Remove Hours

You cannot edit events/hours once they have been created.  You can only withdraw/cancel or track the events from My Submissions.

  1. Go to My Submissions and click Microsoft to sign in
  2. Enter your username@nic.edu and click Next.  Enter your NIC password
  3. A list of office hours (events) you have created will be listed.  Click Cancel Event for the event you want to cancel
  4. Click Okay to cancel the event
  5. Your event will now be listed as CANCELLED and be removed from your directory calendar

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