Remote Computer Access

Remote Desktop Gateway can be used to remotely connect to your NIC office computer.  Supervisor approval is required for IT to modify your NIC account to enable the use of RDG.

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Find the IP Address of your Office Computer

Step 1: Click the Start Menu, located in the lower left-hand corner, and type in IP Address.  Then, select Ethernet Settings.
Step 2: Select NIC.EDU Connected
Step 3: Under Properties, look for IPv4 address to locate you IP address.  It will be formatted as a set of four numbers.  (Example:

Note: You need to keep your office computer plugged in and powered on.  Both your office computer and home device will need to be connected to the Internet.  This will allow you to remotely connect to your office computer from your personal computer.  If the computer is shut down, you will not be able to connect via RDG.

From Home - Connect to Your NIC Office Computer with RDG

Step 1:  Open Remote Desktop Connection.

  • In Windows 10: Click the Start Menu, located in the lower left-hand corner, and type in remote desktop.  Select Remote Desktop Connection.

Step 2:  Select Show Options in the lower left corner.
Step 3:  Select the Advanced tab
Step 4:  Select the Settings... button
Step 5:  Select radio button Use these RD Gateway server settings and enter the following:

  • Server name:
  • Check the box next to Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer if not already selected.
  • Select OK

Step 6:  Select the General tab.  You may need to click once on Hide Options to see all settings.
Step 7:  You may need to click once on Show Options to see all settings.
Step 8:  In the Computer field enter your computers IP address.  In the Username filed enter:  NIC\username where username is your NIC username.  Click the Connect button.

Important Note: Duo is required for RDG
An automatic push will be sent to your mobile device that will need to be approved before you can connect. 

Step 9:  When the security box appears check the box next to Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer and click Yes.
Step 10:  Duo will prompt a second time, with a splash screen, for authentication to your remote device.Click Send Push or Enter a Passcode.  After you approve the push notification, or enter a passcode, you will be signed into the remote device.


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