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The DTEN D7 is an all-in-one conference room solution.  The DTEN D7 consists of a large touchscreen monitor, integrated PC, microphone, HD camera, and Zoom Rooms for Touch preinstalled.  This device has both ethernet and Wi-Fi connections, and can be mounted to a wall or installed on a rolling cart.  The DTEN software is designed to have an intuitive interface, to help ensure its ease-of-use.

Main Menu Buttons

There are several buttons availible to you in the Zoom Room software.  Below is a short description of each button:

  1. Sharing Key: This is a code displayed at the top right side of the display.  Use this code to display content on the screen from your laptop or mobile device.  See the Sharing Content for more information.
  2. Meet: Start a Zoom meeting.
  3. Join: Join a Zoom meeting.
  4. Phone: Make an audio phone call.  This is a paid feature that NIC does not use.  If you need to have a phone with the DTEN, contact the NIC IT Help Desk to have a Cisco phone installed in the room.
  5. Whiteboard: Start a whiteboard session.  See the Whiteboarding section for more details.
  6. Share Content: Start a screen-sharing session from your Laptop through the Zoom Client App.  More information about this can be found in the Sharing Content section.
  7. Contacts: Display the Zoom contact list.
  8. Meeting List: A list of upcoming scheduled meetings.

There are also four buttons behind the monitor, on the right side.  The buttons going from the top to bottom are Volume Up, Volume Down, Menu, and Power.

Scheduling Meetings

Zoom Room meetings can be scheduled on the DTEN by using the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook.  This plugin can be downloaded and installed from https://zoom.us/download.   
The steps for scheduling meetings with the Zoom plugin are:

  1. Open the Outlook application on your computer.
  2. Select the “Schedule a Meeting” button on the Outlook toolbar, towards the top of the window.
  3. Select the options you’d like configured for the meeting.  It’s alright to use the default options if you’re unsure what to select.  Select Continue to save your meeting settings.
  4. Select the To… button in the Outlook appointment window, choose your Zoom Room from the address book, then send the appointment.  Once the meeting has been sent, your meeting should appear in the Meeting List on the DTEN.

Below is a list of Zoom Rooms that can be scheduled this way:

  • Z-MHS210 - Z-MHS210@nic.edu
  • Z-WTC1 - zwtc1@nic.edu  

Note: More details about the Zoom Client and Outlook plugin can be found in the Zoom Manual, located in our Knowledge Base Article - Zoom Manual.

Sharing Content

The DTEN is capable of sharing content from any laptop or mobile device by using the Zoom Client.  This can be used for displaying content (PDF’s, Word, PowerPoints) on the DTEN screen, as well sharing that content with your meeting participants.  The Zoom Client and the Zoom Client Plugin for Sharing iPhone/iPad can be downloaded from https://zoom.us/download.   
The steps for sharing content on the DTEN with the Zoom Client are:

  1. Open the Zoom Client from your laptop or mobile device.
  2. Select the Share Screen button.
  3. Enter the Sharing Key and select Share.  The Sharing Key can be found on the DTEN display, at the top right portion of the screen.

Note: More details about the Zoom Client can be found in the Zoom Manual, located in our Knowledge Base Article - Zoom Manual.  


The DTEN is built with a large touchscreen monitor, which can also function as a digital whiteboard.  This whiteboard can be used to illustrate idea’s that can be saved and shared with your meeting participants.  Touch the Whiteboard button on the DTEN display to get started.

Below is a short description of the availible buttons on the whiteboard screen:

  • Close: Close the whiteboard and return to the home screen.
  • Moon Icon: Change the background of the whiteboard to black.
  • Save Icon: Email the whiteboard as an image.
  • Add Page Icon: Add a new whiteboard page.  After adding a page, you will see an icon showing the number of pages.  Tap the icon to see, view, and delete pages.
  • Drawing Tools: Colors (black, red, yellow, green, blue), eraser, pen, undo, and trash.
  • New Share: Start screen sharing.  You will be able to access the drawing tools after starting the screen share.
  • Start Meeting: Create a meeting and share the whiteboard with the participants.

Note: Only use the DTEN pen to draw on this monitor.  Using other pens may not work correctly, and could scratch or damage the display.  The DTEN pen will be in the conference room, or magnetically attach to the side of the DTEN display.


  1. Nothing is being displayed on the DTEN screen.  All I see is a black screen.
    1. The monitor goes to sleep when it’s not being used.  Simply tap on the touchscreen to wake up the display.
  2. How can I tell if the DTEN is powered on?
    1. The DTEN is set to automatically power on every morning, and power off every night.  As long as the DTEN is left plugged into a power outlet, it should power on/off automatically.
  3. The sound coming from the DTEN is too quiet. 
    1. The volume can be turned up using the buttons behind the monitor, on the right side.  There will be four buttons on the back.  The buttons top to bottom are Volume Up, Volume Down, Menu, and Power.

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