Zoom Classroom Startup

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Zoom classrooms are a standard classroom set-up with additional equipment to provide supplementary features for ease of use when teaching a class with Zoom.  Additional equipment installed:

  • Dual monitors on the podium.
  • One PTZ (pan, tilt, Zoom) camera mounted at the back of the room.
  • Mic array and speaker for better room audio.
  • One TV in the back of the room, to see students who may be connected to class via Zoom.  

This article will provide steps for using the Zoom ready classroom with Zoom.  

Click here to see a list of Zoom classrooms.  

1.    On the Extron Panel:  

  • Press On to turn on the projector.  
  • To share content on the projector, select PC, Doc Cam, Laptop, or Tablet.

Extron Panel

Note: If this is for a Zoom class press Display 2 ON/OFF to turn on the monitor in the back of the room. 

2.    Sign-In to the PC with your NIC username and password.

3.    Open the Zoom desktop client and Sign in with SSO.  

  • Click here for steps to sign in to Zoom.

4.    In the Zoom desktop client: Click the Settings gear and check the box next to Use Dual Monitors.  
Note: This will allow your participants to be on one monitor and your content on another allowing you to view both your content, as well as your participants, at the same time.  Click here for more information about using Dual Monitors with Zoom.

5.    Join/start your Zoom meeting from the Zoom desktop client, Canvas (if you use the Zoom LTI integration), or from a link in your email.

6.    (Optional) If you are going to share a PowerPoint presentation over Zoom and want to use Presentation mode, please make the following adjustments.  In PowerPoint click the Slide Show tab, change Monitor from Automatic to Primary, and make sure Use Presenter View is unchecked.

7.    Once you have joined your Zoom meeting, check your Audio and Video settings.  

  • To check your Audio settings: Click the up arrow next to the mic icon.  Make sure there is a check mark next to Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (HDL300) for both the microphone and speakers.
  • To check your Video settings: Click the up arrow next to the camera icon.  Make sure there is a check mark next to Logi Rally Camera.

Note: Click Participants.  Make sure Host is next to your name.

8.    Adjust the camera using the camera remote.  You can pan, tilt, and zoom or use the Camera Presets: #1 is a close up of the podium and #2 is a wide shot of the front of the room.
9.    To share content in Zoom: Click Share and select Screen 1.
Note: You will have an option to select Screen 1, Screen 2, or specific applications.  If you select a specific application, keep in mind it may not show when you move to other services, etc… Additionally, if you select Screen 2 and are using the Dual Monitor settings, your Zoom class participants will be moved to the other monitor and that is what will be showing on the projector.

10.    Once class is over, make sure you sign out of the PC.  You can do this by right-clicking the Start Menu, located in the lower left-hand corner.  Under Shut down or sign out, select Sign out.  

11.    Press Off on the Extron panel.  If the back-TV display is still on, press the Display 2 ON/OFF button.

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