OneWeb for Cardinal Card

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  1. Sign in to the MyNIC Portal:
  2. Search for Cardinal Card and press Enter.
  3. Click OneWeb for Cardinal Card.

There are 5 menu options at the top of the card:

  1. Account
  2. Financial
  3. Add Cash
  4. Help
  5. Log Off

Account: The Account menu is the default landing page and is used to display your personal information and to upload a new photo for approval.
Financial: The Financial menu allows you to see your balance for all accounts (Cardinal Cash and meal plans), view past transactions, view your meal plan history, and see your current and last statements.
Add Cash: The Add Cash menu allows you to load additional funds to your Cardinal Cash balance. At this time, adding to a meal plan or flex monies is not available.
Help: The Help menu provides important information such as how to contact Cardinal Central and view the Accessibility Statement.
Log Off: The Log Off link allows you to log out of your Cardinal Card account. It is always recommended that you log out and close your browser session to protect your information.

Account: Uploading a New Photo

  1. To upload a new photo, go to Account > Upload Photo.
  2. Click on the Upload button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Navigate to the location the picture is stored and select it. The new picture will load to the page.
  4. Crop/Rotate as necessary and click the Submit button when finished. If approved, your new picture will become the picture on record and your virtual card will update with the new photo.

Note: Please review the account picture guidelines.


To check your Cardinal Cash, flex, and meal plan balances, go to Financial > Balances.

Your Cardinal Cash and Flex balances will be displayed on the Balances page. Use the links to the right to view meal plan status.

Note: At this time, only students living in the Residence Hall will have flex monies or meal plan swipes.

Add Cash

Click on the Add Cash link to add Cardinal Cash to your card. You can use Cardinal Cash at the Market, the Caffeinated Cardinal, the Cardinal Bookstore, printing, and Emery’s.

In the first screen enter the deposit amount, your email (email address may auto-populate), and an optional deposit note. Click Continue when ready.
In the payment screen, enter your payment information. Once you have submitted your payment information, you will receive a receipt for your purchase. You will also receive an email receipt.


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