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Background, criteria, instructions and frequently asked questions around live auto-captions for Zoom meetings.
This knowledgebase article explains how to (1.) acquire a SRT file for a YouTube Video and (2.) convert the SRT file to the WebVTT format.
Video captions should be limited to two lines of 32 characters or less. When I am parsing out some Auto-generated captions, I will place my cursor at the beginning of the caption text, hit the right-arrow key 32 times to see where I need to place a line-break in the captions, or create a new caption entirely. VERY TEDIOUS, until I setup a Keyboard Shortcut that would invoke an AppleScript.
Accessible polls and surveys.
Learn how to add an alternative description to images so that users who rely upon a screen reader understand your image's relevance.
Headings are essential for accessibility and enable individuals using a screen reader to navigate a document through the use of shortcut keys.
Canvas’s Rich Content Editor includes a tool that checks for common accessibility errors in typed or copied content.
Overview of the Universal Design ideology and how it related to Higher Education (UDHE or UDL).
Mind Map of Accessibility in Idaho Higher Education
This article will explain some audio description options for your videos.
This KB Article will provide guidance for knowing when captions and audio descriptions are or are not necessary.
Complex Tables are to be avoided at all cost, because they will create 3 to 6 hours of work apiece for authors, developers, or remediators. However, if you absolutely have to have a Complex Table that is accessible, then this article should be helpful in understanding how to make it happen.
Tables are a beautiful way to visually organize matrices of information. However, if you are creating PDFs with inaccessible tables, then the cleanup work can be a nightmare. Learn how to ensure accessibility within your PDFs' tables.