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MS Word Accessibility

A great place to start! Especially if Word documents are your source files for PDFs.

Adobe PDF Accessibility

Creating a PDF? Then you will undoubtedly need to tag it for accessibility! This category contains some good articles on how to remediate PDFs for accessibility.

Video Accessibility

Information on Video Captioning and Audio Descriptions for Accessibility.

MS Excel Accessibility

Excel files are generally accessible, but with a few recommended steps, you can be sure of it.


Topics on how to make your Canvas resources accessible.

Online Tools

Some online tools are developed with accessibility in mind. This section outlines a few, categorized by their purpose.

Universal Workstations

The Universal Workstations allow users to select preferred input devices (such as high-contrast keyboard, trackball, touchscreen, etc.) at specific locations on the NIC Campus.

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Pinned Article Mind Map of Accessibility in Idaho Higher Education

Mind Map of Accessibility in Idaho Higher Education

Pinned Article Universal Design Overview

Overview of the Universal Design ideology and how it related to Higher Education (UDHE or UDL).